Mittwoch, 16. Juli 2014

Stoned Footbridge into an Apple Orchard

Landscape is the stage of life! Living a good life is much more easier in a nice setting. For a lot of people a natural landscape, a garden or a park means peace & harmony, time to enjoy life. Nowadays these stages or places become more and more rare. It becomes more important to have places of your dreams and for dreaming on hand. Miniature Landscapes communicate all these feelings in a small portable piece of craftsmanship. For those that are bringing landscape ideas into reality it is even more interesting to have a exact miniature copy.

This is a stony footbridge into landscape, into an old apple orchard. A place to spend time to break barriers. Visitors are welcome to explore an area of cultivated land.

You can follow the path but you do not have to. Sitting on a platform, eating an apple and enjoying your life is totally enough. If you want to enter lawn? No problem! Feel free to break barriers and throw your Frisbee or dig for the best place to have Pick-Nick.