You have entered a website for miniature landscape. Scale models are simply a great way to visualize an idea. You can turn them into every direction. You can zoom in and explore all details. Scale is the key. You can get get an impression of materials and textures by using a larger scale. If you need to figure out relations between objects? A smaller scale is the way to go.

A good example for the use of scale models is building a park or a garden. Before spending a huge amount of money, you really want to know how your project will come up in reality. A map is always 2D. You only have the birds perspective. You can advance by using sketches of different perspectives. But drawings are always limited. A model will give you all angles of view and a unique feeling for material and texture.

If you want to preserve or reconstruct a special piece of landscape. A model is a great way to go. Bringing historical places to life and catching viewers attention will be guaranteed.

A scale model is a great piece of craftsmanship which give every design idea an enormous amount of expressive power. It can cast a spell on everyone in a unique way.

Best regards,

Philipp Preiser